Seasons of Life

Summer Greetings to you as we enter the most unpredictable season for forecasting the weather in the Tri-state. I would like to make some predictions that you can count on, but they are not regarding the weather, but they are about the seasons of life.
We have been given several Biblical examples of how some men and women in scripture were fully engaged with God's purpose late in life. Caleb is a good role model for us today in that he never allowed anyone to rob him of his vision. In his 8th decade, he continued to claim his inheritance. It is easy to recognize that Moses lived life in three distinct eras, and they were each marked by forty years of preparation. When you look at his life through the eyes of scripture, you can see there is a vast difference in him at the age of forty and then at the age of 80. God chose the 80-year-old to lead His people in the Exodus. It was not the 40-year-old. For there were lessons to be learned in the desert, in exile and on the lamb (literally). At the age of forty Moses was quite the man but not the man that God needed.  You must admit, Moses is strong and educated and skilled. He has political influence, military knowledge, physical gifting, and deep sympathy for his people. Why couldn't God use a man like this? Could it be there were lessons to learn in the wilderness that as a leader he could never learn anywhere else? Consider with me the three phases of Moses life; Moses lived 120 years and his life can be divided into three 40-year sections: As Royalty in the court of Pharaoh in Egypt, as a Shepherd in the wilderness of Midian, and finally the Leader of the Israelites.

For my octogenarian friends Psalms 92/12 will be a blessing to you today:
The Palm Tree produces the greatest and what is called a lavish harvest in the final years of its life. Did you know that palm trees in some countries are called the grocery store? This gives us some insight into what we should be like in our latter years, like a grocery store of experience and wisdom to pass on to the next generation.  
Let me suggest something to those who have felt the isolation of age, could you be a coach? In doing this once again you could live your life by encouraging others who could benefit from your life experiences. Find a younger person to partner with and you become a role model to help them through the difficult times they may face.
I found this the other day and thought you may appreciate the read.

I'm getting older Lord – Well we all live I know
But you know what I mean Lord, I'm rather getting slow
My bones are definitely creaking, and my eyesight not too good
And as far as my hearing, well it's not working as it should.
My memory is fading fast, I can't remember much at all
Except what happened when I was young, but last weekend I can't recall
Sometimes when I think about it, I wonder what's happening to me
My mind knows what it wants to do, but my body won't let it be.
I really could get quite depressed at all that's going on right now
There's still so much I want to do which my body won't allow
I don't feel much different inside than I did when I was young
But as life goes on the only thing still working well appears to be my tongue.
But I'm not going to get depressed Lord, because one thing is still sure
You are just as faithful to me now as you have been before
You knew all about me with my limitations and all my fears
So I can have every confidence in you as I cope with advancing years.
And I thank you Lord and Savior that you still are calling me
To work for you, though in different spheres, so that I can be
Everything you want me to be, giving you my all
Knowing that however weak I am, You will never let me fall.
Oh Lord, I long to serve you with everything I have and own
There is nothing that I want to keep or withhold from your throne
Because I know whatever state I'm in or whatever comes my way
You will always be with me to uphold and strengthen every single day.

Pastor Cleddie Keith